Photo: Tija Grebieniow

Echoes in the Valley (EITV) is a not for profit annual music festival initiated in 2017 with a goal to uncover, revive and make relevant Nepal’s intangible heritages and disappearing sounds by showcasing local music, art, and performances of everyday rituals. It transforms small neighbourhoods in Kathmandu valley into grand stages for musical conversations between international and local artists. In addition, the festival offers an array of interactive educational initiatives, music conference, creative workshops, guided neighbourhood walks, and an open museum of communal art and artifacts.

EITV is an initiative by Kanta Dab Dab, produced by Shilpakar & Co. in collaboration with Kutumba, Night and Phatcowlee. It has always been a FREE event and we would like to keep it that way. We fundraise for the festival by doing gigs around town, collaborating with musician friends and generous venue partners.


Arun Gurung
Programs Coordinator

Apart from being a rock bass guitarist, he manages Kutumba. Having acquired technical knowledge on sound and also being an active media person, Arun handles all the technical aspects of the band. He actively oversees all band engagements, and is the creative head for all projects both nationally and internationally.

Bhushan Shilpakar

He is a graphic designer and consultant with over two decades of experience in the field of arts. He was the former manager of Kutumba, co-founder of photo.circle, co-founder of Nepal Picture Library, and co-founder of Photo Kathmandu. He runs Shilpakar & Co., an ideas-to-implementation company.

Dikshant Uprety
Conference Coordinator

He is a PhD Candidate in Ethnomusicology at the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University, USA. Besides academia, Dikshant works as a development consultant. He is also a founding board member of 3iR, a research institution based in Kathmandu.

Rizu Tuladhar
Co-founder/Executive Director

Rizu has been a professional bass player for two decades. Head of the Western Band Ensemble Department at Nepal Music Centre, he also teaches at the Ethnomusicology Department of Kathmandu University. Rizu is a member of KantaDabDab.


Anna Stirr

Anna is an author, researcher, professor, singer, flutist, and percussionist. She holds a BA in music and religious studies from Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and an MA, MPhil, and PhD in ethnomusicology from Columbia University. She has taught at Oxford University, Leiden University, and the New School. She performs Nepali folk music, and is an associate professor of Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii Manoa.

Barta Gandharba

Barta is a folk singer/songwriter, composer and sarangi player. A graduate of Lalit Kala Campus and Nepal Music Center, she has taught at the University of Agder in Norway, Nepal Sangeet Vidhyalaya and Arya Tara School. She has participated in The Voice of Nepal, and has collaborated with many artists.

Jhuma Limbu

Trained in classical and western musical traditions, Jhuma is a singer and researcher of folk music in Nepal, particularly of the Limbu tribes from the far eastern region of the country. Her new album 'Mundhum,' is inspired from the tradition of Limbu vedic chants and repartee between boys and girls, an important part of Limbu musical culture.

Niraj Shakya

He is a founding member of the black-metal band Antim Grahan, and folk band Night and performed in various national and international prestigious music festivals. He is also involved in song arrangements and creating background score for movies, documentaries and theatre play.

Pushpa Palanchoke

As the only woman pursuing her MA in Ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University, Pushpa is the recipient of the prestigious Nepal Chatra Vidhya Padak and Nepal Vidhya Bhusan national awards. Her academic interests are applied ethnomusicology, gender, rituals, and sustainability of, and through community music. Compassion is her way of life.

Sunit Kansakar

Sunit has been playing guitar and sitar for the past 20 years. In addition, he is also a sound engineer and a music instructor at Nepal Music Center. He is a member of KantaDabDab and Mukti and Revival.

Vilma Timonen

Vilma is a musician pioneering in promoting the Finnish national instrument, Kantele, through various artistic settings including her own ensemble, the Vilma Timonen Quartet. She has worked comprehensively in theatre and contemporary dance productions. In addition, Vilma is a researcher and lecturer at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts in Helsinki.