AMAZUMI is a Nepali artist raised in Hong Kong, initiated into HipHop in London and artistically synthesized in Gent. Scoring national buzz in 2017 as one of 8 finalists of De Nieuwe Lichting in Belgium, she made her debut as AMAZUMI after releasing her single “V for Venom,” which circulated regularly on Belgian HipHop Spotify playlists, Studio Brussels, and MNM. She then went on a nation-wide tour with DJ Zami Zulu and Owen Perry Weston (Coely, Ndugu, PAARD, Big Whoop) to make her mark on the Belgian map. She has brought her raw, fiery sets in the Netherlands, Nepal, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Her second single Hadouken! was snatched up by VIBE in 2019.

Bartika Eam Rai is a singer/songwriter who, with the support and encouragement from her mother, started singing and performing at a young age. In 2010, she was a vocalist for the metal band, Gothica. After moving to New York City, she teamed up with Nepali-American musician, Diwas Gurung, and launched her solo career with her album, Bimbaakash (2016). Her lyricism and soulful singing has since garnered a large fan following with tours across the US, UK, India and Nepal. Bartika is currently based in New York and looking forward to sending a letter home with Echoes in the Valley Festival of Music.

Formed in 2016, Surya Pun, Gobinda Sen, Sanket Lama, Kshitiz Moktan and Dipesh Hirachan make up this immigrant grindcore or “immigrindcore” band now based in New York City. Their name comes from the indigenous Chepang people who have been oppressed and had their land stolen by the Nepali state, upper class and upper caste people. Grindcore allows the band to express their pure unadulterated raw emotion against this kind of oppression and class warfare.

Cloverleaves is a remote project especially created for Echoes in the Valley Festival of Music 2021 by three childhood friends, Anmol Mohara, Prajwal Lama and Sudhir Acharya. The group was formed to try out different musical ideas, and the members hope to collaborate with other artists in the near future. The three have different musical influences but they share a mutual curiosity and love for ethnic Nepali and world music.

Dheeraj Shrestha has established himself as one of the finest tabla players in the classical and world music scene. His love for classical music started when as a five-year-old, his father would take him to listen to traditional temple music that played near his home. It was only later that he began his formal training with guru Pandit Hom Nath Upadhyaya. In Australia, Dheeraj taught world music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Currently, he is interested in promoting a more holistic vision of music and the arts and its role in society.

Diwas Gurung is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, singer and sound designer/editor from Kathmandu, Nepal currently living in Ithaca, NY, USA. He is widely known for his album Rato Mato (2008) which consisted of reinterpretations of Nepali folk songs. He was one of the founding members of Ayurveda, a progressive rock band based in Ithaca, which has been highly influential in the Nepali hard rock scene.

Sharad, Ari and Toni make Kathmansinki, a jazz band from Helsinki. When Sharad was studying at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki, he formed a jazz group with a bass player, Ari Hossi, who not only became Sharad’s best friend but also his writing partner. A few years later, another good friend, Toni Nordlund, joined the band on drums. In 2017, they released their first eponymous album with all original tunes.

Oslo-based tabla player and composer, Sanskriti Shrestha, is an active percussionist in Scandinavia. Coming from a family of musical professionals, Sanskriti started studying tabla at home with her aunt Sumitra Shrestha, and later her guru Pandit Hom Nath Upadhyaya. She is known for bringing her Nepali/ Indian musical roots and merging them with jazz, musical improvisation, electronic music, and other modern expressions. She is also an imaginative band leader and an adventurous composer.

Shreya Rai is a UK-based Nepali singer and songwriter. Her sublime voice has cast a spell over many in her home country as well as across the UK where she performs with the bands Namlo, Zantogola and many more while working on her debut solo album.

Shristi was a fusion-trio from Kathmandu, formed around the mid 90s by three talented musicians: Parangat Moktan on tablas; Sanjay Shrestha on ethnic percussion; and Ashish Sinha on guitars. The band produced two instrumental albums and did two tours in the US with the world music ensemble World Colors. Shristi is best remembered for bringing ‘fusion’ music to the mainstream audiences in Nepal. They stopped performing as a band in the year 1999, but are reuniting especially for Echoes in the Valley Festival of Music 2021.

Shubha G is an up-and-coming roots reggae artist with a unique blend of jazz, hip-hop and Afrobeat. He is currently working on his first album due to be released later this year. Subha G is based in London.

Shyam Nepali comes from a lineage of centuries old Gandarbha musical tradition of Nepal, and for the past 30 years has carried and expanded the work of his grandfather, Magar Gaine, and his father Ram Sharan Nepali, both legendary sarangi players. Mentoring and fostering the next generation of sarangi players, Shyam is involved with Project Sarangi in Nepal and the Himalayan Heritage Cultural Academy in Boston, MA.

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“The Heart of Nepal” is a world music band created by multi-percussionist Manohar Gurung and santoorist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Blanchard. Dan and Manohar blend traditional folk melodies and festival songs from the Himalayan country of Nepal with Indian Classical Music and Western composition in a modern production. The foundations of the album are the rhythms on the Nepali hand drums (Madal and Tabla) and the melodies of the folk songs played on the Santoor and Bansuri Flute, filled out and supported by western elements of guitar, bass and keyboards.

Topi is a pop/rock duo with an easy listening sound. The band was originally formed in 2006 with the goal of participating in an intra-college music competition. The original lineup of the band was Aava Shrestha (vocals), Anam Raj Sharma (guitar), Bikash Shrestha (drums), Pramithus Khadka (guitar) and Samip Bhattarai (bass). But like many college bands, band members pursued their own paths, and it was only in 2014 when Pramithus collaborated with Rohit Shakya for their album Mitho Bihani that TOPI came to be the band it is today. Fun fact: Pramithus and Rohit have never met in person till date.

Formed in 2013, Wayam is an intimate, folk fusion-inspired conversation between two friends, singer/songwriter Susant Bista and guitarist/producer Subash Poudel. Wayam is something of a fluid project centered around Susant and Subash but throughout the years the band has welcomed other like-minded musicians for recording.